Study says two thirds of tweets are boring

Monkey tweets

Monkey tweetsAccording to The Telegraph, two thirds of the tweets on twitter are boring thats two thirds of the 200 million tweets churned out daily. That’s roughly 130 million tweets. This is a study done with 1500 twitter users(usually called tweeps) and the analysis was on 43.738 tweets from 21,000 twitter accounts. The study was done jointly by researchers at Carnegie Mellon, the Georgia Institute of Technology and MIT found that most people are only interested in about a third of the tweets they read — the rest are either instantly ignored or disliked.

The main cause of negative feel is hash tags, updates on day to day routines and general negative tweets. Well, according to the research, the most hated tweets are the private conversations between two individuals discuss private issues piblicly, a situation that users feel wouldnt really concern them and fill their timeline.

Foursquare checkins also account for the tweets generating the negative feel among users. Twitter users get bored with the everyday routines of celebrities.  The I-am-eating-pizza-that-has-21-inch-aluminium-rims tweets are generally unwanted. Beyond that, it was noted that twitter users like self promoting tweets, so go ahead and feel good about yourself in the timeline.

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