Safaricom ups the speeds for Unlimited data and doesnt mention it

Safaricom unlimited data

Thanks to Peter Etelej, a blogger at The Online Kenyan I did this speed test. That was after a tweet from him appreciating the speeds increase. I have been using Safaricom Internet for a while now, being a smartphone user you need those good speeds to appreciate the true value of the gadgets you have. Plus the mobility it gives. Safaricom unlimited internet has been of late a very reliable resource for the mobile office and smartphone users, maybe due to the healthy competition, or just innovation from them. I was amazed to find that speeds had gone to as good as 900 kbps down and 800 up. Thats inpressive considering the same offering had been launched on a 256 threshold, then went to 512.

I bet Safaricom is looking towards getting embraced as a fulltime option for home and mobile broadband, and with the numbers they have, it wouldnt take long to reap from satisfied customers.