Safaricom ups the speeds for Unlimited data and doesnt mention it

Safaricom unlimited data

Safaricom unlimited dataThanks to Peter Etelej, a blogger at The Online Kenyan I did this speed test. That was after a tweet from him appreciating the speeds increase. I have been using Safaricom Internet for a while now, being a smartphone user you need those good speeds to appreciate the true value of the gadgets you have. Plus the mobility it gives. Safaricom unlimited internet has been of late a very reliable resource for the mobile office and smartphone users, maybe due to the healthy competition, or just innovation from them. I was amazed to find that speeds had gone to as good as 900 kbps down and 800 up. Thats inpressive considering the same offering had been launched on a 256 threshold, then went to 512.

I bet Safaricom is looking towards getting embraced as a fulltime option for home and mobile broadband, and with the numbers they have, it wouldnt take long to reap from satisfied customers.


    • I havent tried unlimited Orange internet which was launched on 64kbps then upped to 256, would you mind doing a speedtest?

    • I stopped using orange unlimited when i moved to westlands near Safaricom House! Either Safaricom booster were to strong for the orange internet or orange has a poor signal! 

  1. So I understand why guys around campus have been fussing around about safaricom internet. I guess this is their damage control againt the orange daily unlimited at 39/-. Imagine just adding some 50/- onto safaricom’s 200/- daily unlimited you get orange weekly unlimited (IOM)!

  2. The speed has NOT been increased: its still capped at 512kbps according to a tweet replied to mine by @safaricomlimited:twitter on Feb 16th

    Cheruiyot Erick



    @SafaricomLtd Hi, my name is Erick and i would like to know if its true that speed for the unlimited internet plans has been uped to 1mbps

    Safaricom Limited


    @CheruiyotErick Hey Erick,the speeds are still upto 512Kbps ^EN

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    1:16 PM – 16 Feb 12
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  4. Mine is still at 512, and it is not because of my location, this is because when I am NOT on the unlimited data plan, I can experience not more than 3.5mbps (On the Huawei E160. The specs say that the device can do 3.6mbps), but the moment that I subscribe to the unlimited, the speed gets throttled to around 512.

    There are special occasions when, the high speeds are retained after I subscribe to the unlimited, but this does not last long, it soon kicks back to 512.

    If it is is true, would someone pls show the tweet that announced it?
    I am currently subscribed to the unlimited, and I was under the impression that maybe my current subscription would have to expire before I can experience the new speeds.


    • @37a304dea4e439a964af1cd09ee77e57:disqus After writing this article I went looking for that tweet in vain, later Eric up here asked Safaricom on their twitter handle about it but they said the speeds are still 512. I dont know how to explain it, but clearly I am getting the above-mentioned speeds on my Galaxy Note which is on weekly unlimited.

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