Kenyan Developer wins 75000 Euros in Nokia’s Create for millions contest

James Mwai Aroundme

James Mwai AroundmeJames Mwai, the developer of Aroundme app on Nokia store is a happy man I would presume. That’s after getting a good reward off his two years work of mobile apps development on QT and Series 40 platforms. James won a total of 75,000 Euros as the overall winner in the “In the know” category with his Series 40 app AroundMe where each winner in the four categories being Access to knowledge, Emotional Closeness, Fun and Games and In the know won a cash prize of 50,000 Euros.

James also won the Best Series 40 Web App which was a tie between him and David Bello of HeatMap app from Colombia. The tie prize made them share the prize hence totalling James’ loot to 75,000 Euros. In addition, the winning apps each take a Nokia deal that includes app promotion in various Nokia-owened global channels including online, social media and newsletters. He will also as the winner of the category get free  experience (UX) consultation from Nokia; and support from a top design agency to create Spotlight banners featuring the winning apps.

This is not just good news to James but the Kenyan tech community where there are growing number of successes  from developers, bringing out Kenya as the tech and innovation hub. Global contest winners were announced at Mobile World Congress during the Nokia developer day. Regional contest winners are yet to be announced.