Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) announces Blog Awards

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Bake logoBAKE, a body formed by an association of bloggers seeks to promote content creation on the web in Kenya has announced the Blog Awards starting today. BAKE is a short form of the name Bloggers Association of Kenya and brings together bloggers who have a common aim of syndicating their content, networking among fellow content creators and also get legal and communal representation from the association that is BAKE.

The Blog Awards seeks to recognize bloggers who churn content consistently, have great content, showcase creativity and are innovative. Hence the Bake Blog Awards which, starting today, March 15th, will accept entries of blogs from a number of predefined categories listed below:

1. Best Technology Blog

Blogs that cover tech matters like social media, internet usage, consumer electronics, mobile phones, tech startups etc.

2. Best Photography Blog

Blogs that showcase original photos or have photography related content.

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

Blogs that feature original creative writing in the form of poetry, fiction and essays.

4. Best Business Blog

Blogs that feature business content like business development, entrepreneurship, startups, stocks, investments, banking etc

5. Best Food Blog

Blogs that focus on food, cooking tips, restaurants, wines and recipes

6. Best Agriculture Blog

Blogs that focus on Farming, marketing of agricultural produce, and environmental impact of climate change

7. Best Fashion Blog

Blogs that highlight current trends in Fashion as well as personal grooming, fashion shows

8. Best Politics Blog

Blogs that cover political issues in Kenya.

9. Best New Blog

Outstanding Blogs that were set up from March 24th 2011 onwards.

10. Best Corporate Blog

Blogs run by companies.

11. Best General Blog

Blogs that feature content that is exceptional but don’t fit into any of the other 13 categories.

12. Best Sports Blog

Blogs that feature sports content.

13. Tweep of the Year – Individual

The best individual twitter user in Kenya.

14. Tweep of the Year – Corporate

The best corporate twitter user in Kenya.


Rules of engagement in the bloggers awards are accessible in the Bloggers Awards website and if you require anything clarified you could use the contact form in the website. Blog submission can be done for as many blogs as you like, but as you will find out in the submission guidelines on the homepage that one submission per blog is more than enough.

The submission phase will run until March 29th and then judges will choose their best 5 in each category. The judges will be drawn from the media and the blogging community.
After the judges pick their best 5 in each category, they will then be voted for by the public from April 10th. The winners in each category will be announced at a gala event on April 28th.

For more details about the BAKE Blog Awards visit the awards website, or email awards [at]

So its okay to submit yours and your friends blogs starting NOW!


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