Context serves up new CANAPE security assessment tool at Black Hat Europe

Blackhat Europe

Blackhat Europe ContexIS has been presenting its latest Windows security assessment tool at Black Hat Europe this week in Amsterdam. CANAPE extends the functionality of existing web application testing tools such as CAT, Burp or Fiddler in order to analyse complex network protocols.

 “Testing and exploiting binary network protocols can be both complex and time consuming,” says Michael Jordon, research and development manager at Context. “In most cases, custom software needs to be developed to proxy, parse and manipulate the traffic; but CANAPE provides a simple user interface that facilitates the capture and replaying of binary network traffic, whilst delivering a powerful framework to develop parsers and fuzzers.”

Context has been showcasing CANAPE in the famous Black Hat Arsenal event that allows independent researchers and the open source community to demonstrate their latest tools. Michael Jordon and James Forshaw, senior security consultant at Context, are also presenting CANAPE to the Black Hat conference audience today, on Friday 16 March. The presentation will include a worked example of using CANAPE to analyse the Citrix ICA binary protocol, allowing the discovery of a known heap corruption bug that can be used to gain remote code execution on Citrix clients.