Orange introduces Orange Business VPN for corporates

Mikhail Ghossien

Mikhail GhossienOrange has increased its products portfolio by launching Orange Business Virtual Private Network (VPN), a solution aimed at corporates. Orange VPN targets to reduce operation costs and increase efficiency of communication systems of corporates. According to Nashon Kondiwa, Orange Kenya’s Solution Consultant, Orange currently  has the most comprehensive MPLS coverage due to its extensive point of presence in the country.

“The invention of products such as Orange Business VPN – Next Generation is driven by our innovative approach to meeting our corporate customers’ dynamic business requirements, coupled with the support of a highly skilled and creative workforce as well as an efficient network infrastructure that makes communication faster, reliable and affordable,’ said the CEO of Telkom Kenya, Mickael Ghossein.

“Cutting of costs for organisations comes through integrating the Internet and VPN, which will in the long run help in reducing  company costs on matters accessibility, bandwidth, operations and firewalls,” he added.

The Orange Business Virtual Network targets banks, education institutions, manufacturing companies and government parastatals that have multiple requirements, will assist organisations to enhance their performance and reduce their operational expenditure. Offering a competitive edge due to technology capabilities and services like  Managed Services, Secure Internet, Seamless International Connection and MPLS Connectivity through Mobile Networks.