Video walkthrough of Tizen OS on a developer device

Tizen developer device

Tizen developer deviceTizen conference is going on in San Francisco, duration is between 7th to 9th of May, and since Tizen version 1.0 was released last week, developers have something to play with and test their apps on. The developers had a chance to put their hands on developer devices as and get trained on how to develop HTML 5 apps for Tizen devices. And that’s where Vaibhav Sharma had the chance to get a developer device and do a quick video demo of the UI. The device id a plain looking slab, obviously not much effort was put to make the device look nice as this is in no way what the final design will look like.

But from this we can pick up a few details of what to expect from the device once its out and selling. This is a high end device, assumed from the specs, the large 4″+ HD screen, its said to run on an ARM chip based1.2GHz dual-core processor. Something worthy of note is the huge role Samsung has played in making it bear the trademark TouchWiz UI, just like many Android, Bada and some feature phones look like. Complete with the pull-down menu that has the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibrate and rotate icons at the top. The device is also said to have push notifications and several apps preinstalled, like Facebook, Twitter and Google, so this should be easy to move in once its ready to sell.
See the video below:

There is one outstanding home menu that can be pressed and held to reveal the task manager. Samsung icons again are predominant, there are also multiple homescreens. The HTML5 browser is said to beat anything that is currently selling in the market. It would obviously not make much sense to launch a platform that doesnt have much edge to the existing ones, so if we can get much if this Linux and Meego based OS having greater customisations the better for adoption.

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