Samsung uploads new Video Demo of Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Demo

Samsung Galaxy S III DemoI just came across a newly uploaded video detailing what you get on the Samsung Galaxy S III. This is a demo that starts with a musician using the Galaxy S III as a reference for music keys when playing the guitar, and that is pretty much straight forward, the smart stay is seen as important to prevent the screen from dimming when idle. Smartstay icon is seen blinking at the top. Next on is the test for S Voice, showing the response it gives. S Voice is able to respond right from the idle screen and get answers to the weather, reschedule a meeting saving the same to S Planner, and load the user’s favourite music.

Well that part of favourite music is not really accurate, as it was better to demo on real loaded music on the phone as opposed to the preloaded music that the phone plays out of the box. You must commend it though for responding to “volume up” command. The demo goes on to test up both Smart Alert and Direct call where the user is alerted of messages received while he was away, after reading the “please call me” text, he places it near the ear and the phone goes on to call the sender.

From the image gallery, a user gets to switch on Social tag and the friends on the image are all tagged, opening sharing options when you click on a tag. You can choose from one, e.g send email or on social networks.