Orange unveils promotion ahead of CCK’s deadline to switch off counterfeit handsets

Courtesy of Orange Kenya

Orange Kenya has launched the Chagua Original campaign. Through the campaign, the company is offering its subscribers up to 60% discount on 3G-enabled devices. With the CCK having vowed to switch off all mobile devices with fake IMEI numbers by September 30th, Orange doesn’t want any of its over 3 million subscribers to be affected by the operation. The IMEI (Mobile Equipment Identity) number can be found printed under the battery or by dialing *#06#.

According to the telecommunications regulator, CCK (Communications Commission of Kenya) there are 29.2 million mobile phone users in the country, of this 10 percent are counterfeit. The regulator has provided the short-code 1555, to which one can send their IMEI to check if a device is counterfeit.

The Huawei Gaga, the ZTE S309, and the ZTE San Francisco are among the devices forming part of the Chagua Original promotion. The Huawei Gaga, going at a subsidized price of KShs 5,999, is an Android device launched recently by Orange Kenya. Purchasers of these devices will enjoy a month of free internet access, and free access to Wikipedia and Facebook.


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