Free games exclusive to Galaxy S III owners on Samsung Apps Store

Free Samsung Apps

Free Samsung AppsIf you use Samsung smartphone it’s wise to keep checking on the Samsung Apps Store, lest you miss on some good offers. Samsung is giving away free games again, but now for the Samsung Galaxy S III. You wont be getting those free from Google play but if you go inside Samsung apps on your phone you will get them free. The games available for free are Mordern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Shadowgun: The Leftover and Asphalt 7: Heat priced at $0.99, $4.99 and $0.99 respectively. You will be saving around $7 with which you can do something else on the store or on Google play. The free games are available for a limited time, so go get yourself the downloads. Get the chance to test your gaming skills, and also the good things the 4.8 inch display allows you to do, the graphics and the general smartphone functionality.

Availability is in select regions so celebrate once the link works for you. Works for me here.