Reasons why an SME needs Office 365 as an office solution

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365Managing an office is quite a task, mostly the hurdles one gets are lack of adequate labour and resources. That’s why it’s important to be quite alert on the technologies you implement that will mean a difference between huge unmanageable costs and easily managing the business. While at the same time making your business grow. That’s why as an owner of a Small or Medium Business (SME) you need to understand what Office 365 means for your business. Many businesses have well been using Microsoft products for day to day business, for example Outlook for email, Microsoft Word, Excel and powerpoint as the widely used office applications.

Now the set is not about to change, same apps different platform. We are moving from being fixed by resources in the office to mobility in the way we do things. Entreprise solutions are taking a new turn, where you can administer most of the things while on the go. How do you best ensure you are flexible enough to manage your full office from a remote location over an internet connection?

Office 365 is one such solution:

1. Microsoft 0ffice 365 is a service that guarantees users upto 99.9% uptime: This is a cloud hosted service, so all you need is an internet connection to have all documents in proper order and synced up. Power losses or server threats need not make you go offline. Yo get the same feel when working across all platforms on Office 365, either on PC, phone or browser. Plus you can work offline when there are network issues on Office desktop clients.

2. Software upgrade costs taken care of: You realize that for one to stay up to date with new features in Microsoft Office applications, one needs to pay for the upgrade or anew if you didnt have the service previously. With Office 365 you just have your low monthly subscription to worry about. Anything that Microsoft releases will be available as soon as it’s released, just log in and it’s there.

3. Security is well catered for: Microsoft has secure, stare-of-the-art Data centres with full redundancy in several regions across the globe, so there is no worry that your servers will either get hacked or damaged. Microsoft terms of service are also well defined and it’s clear from the word go that you own your data and have main control of your business.

4. Office 365 is a DIY service for even the basic user: You get started fast when you sign up with Office 365, even have a free website for the user who didnt have one and email on the same domain, if you have your personal domain, you can set up emails to use the domain you own.

5. Service support if and when you need it: Microsoft provides moderated forums for common problems to discuss with communities and assistance by forum moderators. This is backed up by 24/7 phone support if you have a situation that has advanced technology needs.


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