Are we about to see a Galaxy S III Mini unveil on October 11?

Galaxy Music invite

Galaxy Music inviteOctober 11 is just next week, and there is a Samsung event happening on that day in Germany. It’s an open secret that we are going to see the leaked music phone, the Samsung Galaxy Music. But today we got an interesting twist, beyond the Galaxy Music, we could actually be on our way to getting a smaller sister to the famous flagship phone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S III mini. That’s if we could go with what a physical press invite sent to German press reveals.

Naturally the wording is in German, but thanks to Google translate we are able to get the blog translation. The text “Small is now a big hit!” which was the most prominent in the invite, plus the very visible S that is associated with the Galaxy S series tell the story. We could be on our way to seeing a smaller full-featured Galaxy S III next week. This device could have a 4 inch WVGA and run Android 4.1 Jelly bean. Processor is expectedly dual-core and naturally the design will take on what we see on the Galaxy S III. What do you think? Has Samsung budged in to user requests for a smaller screen device in the top range? Ad if yes, is it your kind of device?