Buni TV web portal doing good at 200k unique visits

Buni tv

Buni tv6 months since launch, Buni Tv has something to celebrate, the site, a video streaming platform has seen 200,000 unique viewers with around 700,000 views. This is quite impressive for the portal that focuses on African content with content available for both web and mobile visitors. Buni TV was launched in April at the iHub and decided to take video content from just a focus on TV production to having it on the internet. Buni Media is the company behind XYZ show, a show that is quite popular among Kenyans for the satire recordings of scenes most can relate to, most of them being about what happens in the Kenyan political scene.

“We are very excited by these numbers,” said Buni TV Founder and CEO Marie Lora-Mungai, “especially since more than half of this traffic came from Kenya only. This not only tells us that Kenyan and African audiences are indeed ready to discover video content online, but also that Buni TV has a huge potential for growth in other countries in Africa and beyond.”

Focus for the first 6 months was to license original videos from filmmakers in Africa and they have since built a considerable catalog of the same.