Safaricom data bundles now valid for 90 days

Safaricom modem

Safaricom modem
Safaricom subscribers are bound to catch this bit of information gladly, since it has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. That of data bundles validity and expiry. I remember it was a hot topic during one of iHub’s Fireside Chat where Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was guest and attendees of the event wished he could request for an add to the number of days a bundle is valid, or as an option allow for reactivation of expired bundles.

Well, data bundles purchased from the 40MB data bundle upwards will have an increased validity date at 90 days, up from the previous 30. 90 days is quite a boost if you are a person who purchases huge amount of data and use for quite a long time on mobike devices like smartphones and tablets. Users will still have their bundles active for as long as they purchase another bundle before expiry of the existing bundle.

Validity of data bundles below 40MB, i.e. 4, 8 and 16MB remain at 7 days while from 40MB all the way to 25MB will be valid for 90 days. Previously the line was drawn at 3GB, below which validity was at 30days. What do you think of this move by Safaricom?