Galaxy S III still the to-buy smartphone as it hits 30 million

Samsung Galaxy S III 30m

Samsung Galaxy S III 30m

Samsung Galaxy S III still stands out as the high end flagship phone that is in most hands for 2012, and what you get off the phone is quite impressive. From being the most pre-ordered device of 2012 and in history, to breaking records of previous Samsung flagship models, the Galaxy phones, Samsung Galaxy S III is still breaking banks in terms of sales made. Launched in May 3rd and available in the market 2 weeks later, the Galaxy S III did 10 million units by end of July.

It went on doing beauty work for the marketers at Sammy by doing 20 million devices in 100 days in the market. Samsung is proud to announce the 30 million mark on November, making this 30m in 150 days. Samsung had predicted to reach the 30 million mark by the end of the year, but seems to have an extra 2 months to out do itself. Including Christmas sales.  Galaxy S III is still hot, even with the launch of the superphone, the Galaxy Note II that also did the 3 million mark since launch, 37 days ago.

Chances that Samsung will do 45 million by January thus are very high, with the device still getting love from reviewers and users alike. Price drops on the phone will also play a huge part in the adoption of the Galaxy S III and Christmas sales could balloon in a huge way.