TABLETS, do you really need them?


What is a tablet? Apple redefined this for us as soon as they introduced the iPad dethroning at that time the HP tablets & the like.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

They were introduced without the market having a real need for them…Steve Jobs once said, “It is not the customer’s job to know what they want” and that statement still holds true.

iPad 3

In some industries the tablet has a niche but in the global market to the average you and me…this is just another gadget.

Xoom 2

The tablet is one more device in a modern persons bevy of devices…lodged in between the smart phone and the laptop/desktop PC.
Serving various functions but none unique to its own. It’s not more portable than your smart phone, and in productivity its way behind the laptop & desktop PC. On the other hand it beats the laptop in portability & is SLIGHTLY more productive than a smartphone.
If you have both the laptop & a smartphone you really can live without a tablet, as the popular form of tablets are the iPads & Android variety whose counterpart smart phones have the same applications and running nearly if not the same OS…hence what your tablet can do, so can your phone, only on a smaller screen.

Microsoft Surface Pro

But this is where Windows 8 checks in and ‘saves the day’…Windows 8 Pro NOT RT. I believe the new breed of latops/tablets running on Windows 8 Pro are the type of tablets we need; Portability packed with Productivity. ASUS VivoTab, Asus Taichi, Microsoft Surface Pro, & Samsung Ativ SmartPC Pro…these are just some of the tablets of the future. Check them out, read about them… as for me these are the tablets that people NEED for they combine the tablet & the PC.

Asus VivoTab

A tablet is a kind of mobile computer, usually having a touchscreen or pen-enabled interface.

Samsung Ativ Smart PC