Samsung Galaxy S III scoops 2012’s most viral Tech Ad

Samsung viral ad

It was all fun and laughter till the fun became the best thing to ever happen to Samsung’s mobile division. Samsung made the advert to mock Apple fanboyism and the cultish following iPhone users got. Samsung made fun of the way the queue pointing out that the features they were queuing for were already available for on the Galaxy S III, calling it the next big thing.

Samsung actually won, in the sales book, the hype and impressions. At almost 72 million views, Samsung Galaxy S III ad is the most viewed video of 2012, the direct competitor, Apple with iPhone 5 comes a distant 6th with a paltry 18 million views. Seems people had already learnt there was not much to see. Samsung kept pushing the innovation and creativity seams and made its point as the most discussed product, even with the court cases and all. Samsung proceeded to take in three other spots in the top ten with the stylus driven Galaxy Note 10.1 also managing a number 4 spot, also beating iPhone 5. Watch the video below: and source

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