Second set of features you get with Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade

Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade

Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade3 days ago we listed the first batch of features that Samsung Galaxy S III users will get with the Premium Suite Upgrade that is already rolling out in some regions. Well, that was in a video that Samsung released and now part 2 of the features set is already out, depicting some yet nice features. Thought Samsung wasn’t watching your rants about delayed updates? Think again. They have even included some nice Samsung specific add-ons on the software layer to make your experience even more awesome.

Here we go:-

Paper Artist: this is an app to let you get more creative with the photos you take, add effects much more enhanced than what you get with filters like Instagram. It can even make you look like the full artist with sketching of the photos. It’s not as efficient on the Galaxy S III like it is on the Galaxy Note II but it’s quite good. The screen response makes you do most of what you will try to do. Plus you can always add a C pen to get the feel like the S Pen.

Low Light shot on camera: previously only Lumia 920 users would brag of having this one, well, Sammy wasnt gonna let this one pass and has come out with something quite outstanding. Camera software is of late quite significant in judging the overall performance of the smartphone. So yes, you will now get some nice shots in low light without a flash and still have no noise on the photos.

Best Face: Blackberry promised to bring out this feature, this was during the recent boot-camps they were doing globally. Looks like this will not be a new feature as Samsung already had this in the works, on a device in the market. Best Face allows you take 5 consecutive photos and you can select faces and pick from each, the one where the face comes out best. You get to replace the face by a tap, no excuse for shut eyes, also good for snooping.

Easy Mode is one feature that brings frequently used features and apps as widgets on the home-screen for ease of use instead of searching them. You see, for long time users of TouchWiz, the first thing you do on getting a new Samsung smartphone is go to “My apps” on Google play and installing those you see important. You then proceed to organize them on the various home-screens in groups, like gaming, social and productivity. At-least that’s what I do, if you don’t have such a defined plan, Easy Mode will come in quite handy.

Sound Balance, not sure whether this really adds value, but you can control the level of sound in each ear and, maybe focus on one. Possibly good if you don’t wanna leave one earphone hanging and still wanna be alert of the environment when listening to music. Helps! A building you are in could be on fire you know!

Setup Wizard: You are able to see accessibility menu immediately you switch on your smartphone. This one comes as a consideration for the disabled, you can actually turn on “Speak password”, turn off Auto-rotate screen, adjust screen time-out, manage call answering and ending, turn on talk-back this could be good for the blind) and also set the home button as the accessibility shortcut where you will be pressing and holding to reveal it.

And finally there is Camera Easy Snap, the phone will tell you how many faces it can detect with the camera when taking photos when you turn on talk-back, face detection is automatic. I don’t know what happens when a ghost pops up in-front of the camera, any ideas? See Video Below.