Mobile phones in Supermarkets are killing Magazine business

Vanity Fair

Email feeds, social media and gaming are among top of the things mobile phone users access when they are idle in a queue or in a traffic jam. This is killing the magazine business in some way. Circulation of magazines in the US has dropped by a whole 9.5 percent and this is majorly attributed to mobile phones.

Well, according to Alliance for Audited Media, the reason is not what you assume- that it’s because the users are reading the content online, no! They attribute this to the fact that mobile phone users no-longer have time to look at magazine stands in the supermarkets when idle resulting in some sort of impulse buying.

This is because due to a phenomenon called “mobile blinders”, they are engrossed on their mobile phones as opposed to idling their eyes around the supermarkets where they would otherwise notice some splashy magazines.

via Business Insider