Hands on with the SD Smart Stand Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case

Galaxy Note II SD stand Case

Galaxy Note II SD stand CaseI have had the Galaxy Note for over two months now, and so far it has been a very device for me. The productivity it gives me is unrivalled. That’s why I decided to get it a fancy case instead of the average ones you will find in the shops. After some “window shopping” I landed on this nice SD Stand Case from Gearzap on Friday and within three working days I had it delivered to our Nairobi office. You need to check them for their nice array of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories. I picked an Ivory white one to blend with my ceramic white Galaxy Note II. Shipping was via DHL from the Birmingham, London located office to Nairobi, Kenya where we have our office on Ngong road.

The SD stand case is convenient in that it serves two purposes, you get a good firm case that fits well over the back and also a desktop stand that can stand two ways, in portrait and landscape mode. With this you are able to either refer to your calendar and answer calls hands-free while on portrait mode and you will also watch HD movies on landscape mode. Galaxy Note II SD stand Case

The case itself is a polycarbonate case that gives the phone a sturdy feel while exposing all the vital parts of the phone without restrictions to functionality. The stand at the rear does tend to make the phone row while lying on it’s back, but it really is not a bother considering the functionality it adds. The stand on the rear is a firm plastic that reacts in a reflex when you press hard to reveal the curved and firm stand. Pressing it back  hides it back in for use as  the average case.

Below are some images of the stand at work.

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