We could be seeing cheaper Windows 8 touch-screen laptops soon

Acer Aspire M5 ultrabook

Microsoft is said to be planning price cuts in Windows 8 licencing fees that could ultimately reflect on the pricing of Windows 8 touch-screen laptops. Digitimes is quoted to have Asian sources indicating that Microsoft is expected to take some 10-20% off the licensing fee on PC makers. This is expected to affect touch-screen laptop makers which currently account for 10% of PCs sold globally.

Once this happens sales could shoot to 20% which is naturally Microsoft’s wish as they developed the Windows 8 UI with touch in mind. The live tiles were not made to be clicked with a mouse but scrolled through with fingers and other touch tools. In any case, anything towards this end would be welcome as Windows 8 devices are reported not performing as expected in sales, mostly in the PCs segment.

via CNET



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