Mozilla, Samsung Collaborate on New Browser Engine


Mozilla Research and Samsung recently begun work on a browser engine called Servo. The project attempts to build a Web browser that addresses the performance of parallel hardware, rich web experiences and causes of security vulnerabilities.

Servo is written in a new systems language called Rust. Rust was developed by Mozilla and a community of enthusiasts to prevent security vulnerabilities and memory management errors. Samsung has provided an ARM backend and the necessary build infrastructure to the Rust project. This will help in cross-compiling rust to the Android platform.

In a post on the Mozilla blog, Brendan Eich, the Mozilla CTO says, “We, along with our friends at Samsung will be increasingly looking at opportunities on mobile platforms. Both of these efforts are still early stage projects and there’s a lot to do yet, so now is a good time to get involved.”

Both projects are hosted on Github, Rust, now at version 0.6 and Servo.