Samsung is giving away free Galaxy S 4 Flip Covers – Kenya

Galaxy S 4 Flip Cover

Samsung is giving away free Galaxy S 4 Flip Covers to all and sundry. They have not indicated that you need to have the Galaxy S 4 to redeem the flip cover, as long as you register on the microsite they have put in place, you are good to go. The Flip cover is available in 7 colours and can be collected in 26 locations.

You will need to register by inputting your name, ID number, E-mail Address, phone number and select preferred pick up point. You will then generate a coupon that you will use when redeeming the Galaxy S 4.

So there you have it, you if you are not able to get the Galaxy s 4, you can at-least get the flip cover. Remember the saying of half loaf and none?



    • Oh, thanks for the update, apparently the fine print is in the coupon and it says the flip cases will be available in your purchase of the Galaxy S 4. Not sure how that plays for those who have already made the purchase.


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