Benchmark results show certain Samsung GT-I9600 running Android 4.3.2

Benchmark Samsung GT-I9600 Android 4.3.2

By now every Android user does not want to hear another Android Jelly Bean iteration, they want to hear that Google has finally announced Android 5 Key Lime Pie that has taken forever to arrive.

Now with this twist we might just be thinking, well it might just come, Android 4.3. This screenshot was published by BriefMobile earlier today and it has numbers on it.

A certain Samsung GT-I9600 running Android 4.3.2 Jelly Bean and a processor of 1.4GHz. Briefmobile assumes this could be multicore. One would naturally assume that the GT-I9600 is the next Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S 5 since the Galaxy S 4 is GT-I9500.

But the Galaxy S 3 was GT-I9300, so there is room for another Galaxy S 4 iteration somewhere. Probably a larger screen Galaxy S 4, you never know. What do you think?