Could this be the low cost iPhone that has been rumoured all along?

iPhone lite

iPhone lite

Apple has been rumoured for the longest time to be working on releasing a low cost iPhone to cater to the huge competition that is Android. Android phones are beating from all sides and are serious competition in the high end while at the same time taking market-share both in the mid range and the entry level in smartphones.

Prices go as low as $70 and this has resulted in Android being the largest smartphone OS for some time now, and it’s growing. As users learn to enter the phone market with a smartphone in mind as opposed to feature phones previously, Apple was bound to think along these lines. iphone lite

It’s reported that Apple has outsourced ODM(Original Device Manufacturer) Pegatron to build it’s low cost iPhone, and these images leaked on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. They show a black slab like what has previously been associated with numerous no-name Android phones. One of them actually shows the phone connected to an iPhone’s lightning connector. Do they look real to you?