Google is getting cozy with Apple

google and apple

google and apple

It’s quite interesting when bitter rivals can finally get along, particularly when they are Tech companies. Apple have been rivals with Google ever since the advent of Android and Google started eating apples for breakfast. Since then OEMs like Samsung have gained a serious edge to the point of Google edging Apple out of their sweet spot as smartphones leader, also getting Apple out of the most coveted position of most valuable company.

In spite of that, Google Executive Chairman says that over the last year the relationship between the two tech companies seems to be improving with series of meetings to address issues. Eric said this as he took questions from journalists at a press briefing, he did though refuse to comment on the details of the discussions with Apple.

Even with the fall-out of Apple and Google in the maps use and Google having to make an update for the app that was not default out of the box, Eric says the Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora was leading discussions between the two companies.

With Google venturing into more new technology like self-driving cars and wearable technology, they need more partners including car makers who they are in constant conversations with to get things right before this goes commercial(the self-driving cars).

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