LG publicity stunt goes disastrous as 20 injured

LG PR Disaster

LG PR DisasterThis is quite interesting. LG, in a plan to have the LG G2 recently announced gather some hype decided to hold an event in South Korea where they would give free phones, to attendees. LG teased that up-to 100 attendees in the event would go home with a new LG G2.

How this was to happen, LG put in coupons in baloons also filled with Helium. LG left the attendeed to figure out how they would get the coupons. WHen the baloons got entangled they floated, making most of them unavailable. The even was tagged “G in the Cloud”.

Yes the baloons went to the cloud, and a few of the attendeed were able to put down some baloons that had coupons for the phones, but the result was 20 injured in the melee. There were even spears being used to bring down the balloons, so you understand what kind of risk that was.

This is naturally a PR disaster that LG in Korea vowed never to repeat in future events in the country. They also owned up and promised to cover for the treatment of the injured.

via Korea Times