Even Carriers are Encouraging their Employees to Shun Blackberry for Windows Phone


Ditch BB for WP

It is one thing to make a corporate decision to switch the devices you use internally and it is another when you make that decision and you are almost part of the system of the devices you are phasing out. That’s why you understand that news that O2 Germany, a network service provider, is now urging all its employees to ditch their Blackberry devices for Windows Phone powered devices.

A part of the email released by the Germany carrier and seen by WPArea read:

If you do not want to use a  BlackBerry as a phone service, it is now high time to replace them. You have the choice between the three smartphones Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 625. You can find all the details of the Exchange in the intranet.

Blackberry has for long been a favourite for the corporate environment thanks in part to its end to end security systems that ensure a smooth environment where the guys at IT in your company don’t have to worry a lot about security since emails are encrypted and well, Blackberrys were for a long time the best devices for receiving and sending corporate emails on the go. That has changed a lot more so in recent years where fortunes have changed for the Canadian company and also with the rise of devices previously considered consumer-centric and not corporate friendly like those running Android. That shift has seen enterprise security software like GATES (LG) and Knox (Samsung) developed to position specific devices as corporate-environment friendly in the wake of Blackberry’s pending implosion.


Photo: TechnoBuffalo