How to get free internet access on Airtel Network

Airtel free Internet

Airtel free InternetAirtel announced that their pre-pay customers can browse free from 6am to 8am. 6am is usually most of the employed folk or students are in traffic, so this is essentially targeted to commuters who will be in traffic during this period. At 8am they are either in class or the office.

How to access the free internet:

Send a text to 544 with the words “Good Morning” and you can access facebook for those two morning hours. Airtel has Club 20 bundles for the time when you will be off the free that can be accessed by dialing *544#.
In a statement, Mr. Shivan Bhargava, Airtel Kenya Managing Director said, “This initiative is in response to insights from our customer surveys and we have responded by offering them greater freedom and access to superior quality communication and service on our network. We will make it easier and faster for our customers to access the internet everyday.’’