This is the Nexus 5!


No, the Nexus 5 is not yet official. Google wants you to believe that the device is still mysterious. Unfortunately it is doing a pretty bad job making sure that is the case. The usual leaks fishermen managed to spot the upcoming Android reference device in all its glory on the Play Store posing with a name we all knew: Nexus 5.

The device listed on the Play Store was the black version and it is believed indeed it will be available in black with any other colours bound to follow later. The white Nexus 4 was in huge demand when it was available so we can expect Google to repeat the same feat with the Nexus 5.

Also, the spotted Nexus 5 is the 16 GB version. There should be a 32 GB version too as earlier indicated by that leaked manual. Want to know how much it will cost? $349. And of course, it is made by you know who LG.

While we wait for the day that Google will finally show off this device (should be sometime this month, most likely), here it is:

As you can see, this render shows us Android KitKat and how different it will be.