Man hates iOS 7 so much that he’s suing Apple and its CEO Tim Cook


ios 7

There are those moments that you come across what is happening in the tech world and you’re like, did I hear that correctly? Yes you did. Apparently iOS 7 is not all that rosy as you may have been made to believe. At least according to a man in California, Mark Menacher, who has filed a case in court to protest at unwanted iOS 7 downloads on devices of his family members. The man is so irked by the 1 GB install file that the device downloads from Apple’s servers as part of the update process that he is suing none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook himself to take responsibility over the mess created by iOS 7 on his device.

Interestingly though, the man is also claiming a $50 compensation on top of Apple removing the iOS 7 update file from his iOS device(s).

iOS 7 has been around for just a few weeks and is already installed on at least 70% of all active iOS devices (iPads, iPods and iPhones). iOS 7 is Apple’s greatest software overhaul of its mobile operating system, iOS, since the first generation iPhone was released back in mid 2007. As such it was bound to attract admirers for its bold new looks and departure from the classic iOS looks and of course some backlash due to the drastic system wide changes. But we never expected something like this did we?