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Cook: App Sideloading Undermines the Privacy of iPhones

According to Tim Cook, app sideloading could be more dangerous than hackers and third-party cookies when it comes to your privacy. Cook highlighted risks...

Lets Talk About Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge

The Facebook 10 Year challenged has been trending this past week with people sharing photos from what they looked like in 2009 and now....
IMB Headquarters

IBM to Acquire Red Hat, Tim Cook Calls out Tech Giants and Google to Offer Users More Privacy Controls

IBM is set to acquire Red Hat for $34 Billion in its big leap into hybrid cloud.

Milestone: Apple Has Now Sold 1 Billion iPhones

This is huge for Apple.

Celebrity Photo Leak: How Hackers Gained Access to iCloud Accounts

Following Sunday's nude photo leak of various A-List Celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton by faceless hackers, online security has been front of mind...

Man hates iOS 7 so much that he’s suing Apple and its CEO Tim Cook

There are those moments that you come across what is happening in the tech world and you're like, did I hear that correctly? Yes...
Steve jobbs resigns

Apple boss Steve Jobs resigns as CEO

Apple’s Board of Directors today announced that Steve Jobs has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple’s...

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