Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone hits the 40 million mark in six months

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

There have been rumours going back and forth about the Galaxy S4 reporting weak sales. These rumours were even used to lend some credibility to recent reports that Samsung had altered its flagship release schedule to move the next Galaxy S’s unveiling from sometime in Q2 to very early in the year (January-February). Of course I was quick to point out that this would be highly unlikely and till we had official sales figures of the S4 would we take such reports seriously. Well, we do now and the Galaxy S4’s sales are as healthy as ever!

Samsung has sold about 40 million Galaxy S4’s since the device went on sale in most markets towards the end of April. That’s 40 million in 6 months. The Galaxy S4 previously clocked in several milestones in a short time with 10 million, 20 million and 30 million units in the first, second and fourth months respectively. However, recent reports indicate that the S4 has sold fewer units lately with 5 million devices reportedly being sold in August alone. Of course with the then impending release of the Galaxy Note 3, it was widely expected that buyers would hold out to see what else Sammy has to offer. And of course Samsung has recently been pushing newer beefed up variants of the S4 with the Asian market getting a Galaxy S4 with more updated internals and LTE+ (LTE Advanced) capability earlier on and the European market being treated to the same this week.

While the 40 million figure is far from Samsung’s own set target of 100 million units being sold in the first year of the Galaxy S4 going on sale, we still have several more months before the S4’s successor is announced and well, a good six months before the year ends. The S4’s predecessor, the Galaxy S III had a good time grossing the 50 million mark and going on to the 60 million mark at the turn of the year and still continues to rake in sales many months after being made to play second fiddle to the S4 thanks to its reduced pricing.

However when compared to the S III, the S4’s sales though impressive, are slow. This is the result of a saturated smartphone market and with everyone on top of their game this year (Sony, LG and HTC have all brought their A-game), this is expected.

However, Samsung does not provide a detailed breakdown. It would be interesting to know how many S4’s were sold in various markets like Latin America, the US, Europe, Africa and Asia.


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