Google+ event slated for tomorrow via livestream, apparently not Nexus 5 or KitKat related


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Trust Google to tease us over and over again. Now we have some news to pump up our expectations for a second or so before we get back to our depressed state.

Just like last week when leaked news of a Google event that turned out to be just another Google Play show internally organized by Google for its teams to cool off and showcase Google Play stuff like Books to a small carefully handpicked audience, we now have another such event. Only that this time round it will be for everyone who RSVP’s on the event’s Google+ page. It will be a livestream where Google is expected to announce or maybe just talk about Google+. Top on the cards of many analysts is the unified messaging system that will create a long awaited merger between Hangouts and SMS on Android devices essentially bringing Google+ into the core messaging loop. Still, no one knows what this event will be bring forth. Obviously not some KitKat candy bars or any hardware (Nexus!) for that matter.

No one knows how to tease than Google.

This is the message from the Google+ event page titled A Morning with Google+:

The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.

Google’s Senior Vice President for Engineering,Vic Gundotra shared this on his G+ page about the event:

Tune in to our broadcast tomorrow morning for a live #googleplusupdate!

We’ll monitor closely and update you if there’s anything of interest that will be announced.


Note: by “tomorrow” it means later today – East African time. The article was written a few minutes to midnight hence the use of the word “tomorrow”.


Source: Google+

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