Nokia’s Q3 results are in: 8.8 million Lumias sold, $162 million profit

Nokia Lumia 1020 leather case

Nokia has just released its financial results for the third quarter of the financial year. They are good! Nokia sold a combined total of 8.8 million Lumia smartphones in Q3 alone, an increase from last quarter’s 7.4 million and the dismal 2.9 million same time last year.

Looking at the figures between Q3 last year and Q3 this year, that’s a 200% increase. As a result of the burgeoning sales, Nokia recorded net sales of $7.79 billion that culminated in a $162 million profit.

These are the first results since the announcement of the upcoming acquisition by Microsoft and for many they directly dictate the direction the company is taking going into the future not just for the Devices and Services division but also for the other Nokia that will remain intact like NSN and HERE maps.

Also note that these are sales of Lumia smartphones alone. There are no Symbian devices taken into account. Nokia is only counting Lumia sales rather than a mix of Symbian and Lumia as they did previously. Sales of non-Lumia devices were down year-over-year, coming in at 55.8 million versus last quarter’s 53.7 million and last year’s 76.6 million.

The results indicate that Nokia’s phone business is as strong as ever and have been boosted tremendously by Nokia and Microsoft’s combined push of Windows Phone devices in markets like North America where 1.4 million devices were shipped in the last quarter alone representing a a 366% increase year-on-year and double the previous record of 700,000.

Generally the whole of Nokia is relatively healthy since with the phone business aside, Nokia’s overall revenue stood at $3.8 billion with $280 million in profits.


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