New Dell laptops smell like cat urine, not kidding


I don’t know if to empathise with those who wait for that magical unboxing feeling when they finally buy a new Dell  Latitude 6430u only to find some feline scent wafting in the air or to just laugh at them. I know that sounds ludicrous but apparently it is what is going on as customers who have bought Dell’s laptop are reporting in the company’s support forums that their laptops smell like… er… cat urine.

Dell Latitude 6430u
The Dell Latitude 6430u. Smells like a cat’s piss

The forum threads started with a singular posting by somebody who suspected something out of the ordinary only for other users to jump in with similar complaints. The company, which only a day ago went private, has come out to acknowledge the problem and is asking for calm while it figures out how to “fix” the cat urine stench. Well.

This is the statement from a Dell rep in the forums: Dell is close to a root cause and we should be able to put out more info in a few days. No health or safety hazard is known to exist. Again, thanks to everyone for your patience as we work through this issue. Keep watching this thread for more info.

Good luck fixing cat urine smell with a software update or something like that.


Source: TNW

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