Nokia hints at Lumia 525


Remember the Nokia Xpress Music handsets? They were popular and ruled in their heydays. Well, they could be back in the form of a Lumia 525. Not much is know about the Lumia 525 but it is said to be a Lumia smartphone that will have specific focus on music. This is not surprising since Nokia has done that before and continues to explore specific categories other than music like photography. Still, it could be just another Windows Phone device that will be carrier or market limited or just another low cost Lumia device to ride on the path beaten by the Lumia 520. Where does the hint about the Lumia 525’s existence come from?


Live Nation Tweematic   Nokia Lumia 525 Phone Sweeps

The Lumia 525 is listed as a prize for a contest where the winner will in addition to getting the device (valued at just $250) will also get some tickets to concerts.

Maybe it was a mix up, maybe it was an honest mistake, just something in the way of human error but it is quite telling. Also, a mix up of such a magnitude?


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