Forget KitKat’s support for 512 MB RAM devices, Tizen will have support for even 256 MB RAM devices



We have all heard of Google’s efforts to make sure that Android is as smooth as ever on low end devices that have at least 512 MB RAM with Android 4.4 KitKat. Such devices have so far had a pretty nasty Android experience especially for those with OEM’s custom skins. That won’t be the case with Tizen. As per announcements made at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul by the Tizen Association, it will support lowly specced devices just fine with no issues as far as 512 MB RAM devices go. It will even go further to be well optimized with devices with at least 256 MB RAM thanks to Tizen Mobile Lite.

While Google’s Project Svelte stretches the boundaries intensive resource use and is backed up by a new runtime, ART, Samsung and Intel backed Tizen will have Tizen Mobile Lite that will serve to make it a darling of the low ends. This is a significant move since it means that Tizen will not only be competing at the top of the curve but at the bottom as well where the market is still huge. This is the same market segment that Firefox OS has been targeting and recently Android is going back to focus on the same since it accounts for a huge percentage of the overall Android devices.

Tizen’s system requires are already low since it requires at least 1 GB of internal storage, 512 MB RAM and a display resolution of 800×400. With Tizen Mobile Lite those requirments drop even further to a display resoution of  320×240 and at least 256 MB of RAM.



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