LG is serious about the G Flex, its a mass market device headed to US carriers


LG G Flex press image

While a Samsung insider “confirmed” that its curved smartphone, the Galaxy Round, is not yet a mass market device but rather a prototype that will only be available in the Korean market, LG too unveiled its curved smartphone as a Korean exclusive but is already spreading its tentacles with a tweet from evleaks stating that the device is headed to US carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

If that is the case then it should only be a matter of time before consumers Stateside start rocking curved phones in their coffee tables, literally. The pricing of the LG G Flex is yet to be made public but don’t expect it to be anything cheaper. Samsung priced the Galaxy Round at $1000 in Korea through carrier SK Telecom and this should give us a hint of what to expect with any curved smartphone.

Still on the US’s case, the Galaxy Round is available unofficially online through Negri Electronics at a whopping $1,129.50.

LG is said to be launching the G Flex in China and Europe in addition to the US market.


Via: Twitter