Addiction to smartphone games is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction – Doctors


Smartphone Gaming

Recent surveys have all pointed to the rise and rise of mobile gaming that has gone a long way in replacing console gaming as the most popular mode of gaming. While consoles remain popular, they are not as widely used as smartphones. This may be because a large chunk of the mobile phone totting population own smartphones and well, you can’t carry your Xbox 360 everywhere you go, can you? The PlayStation 4 will be officially launched in a few hours and the Xbox One official launch is just days away. These two consoles will go a long way in making sure the console gaming faithful stay for a superior and more satisfying experience but the emergence of equally powerful games on smartphones remains a threat. A  few hours ago Gameloft released GT Racing 2 on the Play Store and Asphalt 8 for Windows Phone. The two have already raked in massive downloads and so do other smartphone games regardless of platform. They are popular. However, as doctors in Taiwan have found out,  there is a huge price to pay for smartphone gaming addicts: erectile dysfunction for the men. No kidding.

Doctors in Taiwan are said to have been frequented by smartphone gaming addicts in their twenties who have problems rising to the occasion. Reason? Excessive gaming on your smartphone will in the end kill your sexual drive. I am not sure if this applies to mobile games like Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City which constantly make you take on missions that involve the underworld of drug barons, their gangs and illicit sex or just arcade racing and Minecraft which can be very addictive.

While I would want to wait for more conclusive medical evidence published in a medical journal before I call it as it is, I think it is not a bad idea to abort playing my next mission on Dead Trigger 2 till tomorrow after being on it for at least an hour now. You may want to do the same too due to fear of the unknown.


Source: The Register


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