Blush Pink Galaxy Note 3 follows the Crystal edition Galaxy S III mini to Germany, available next month


Samsung is fond of colours. That has always been the case even before those shiny new devices with multiple exchangeable back cases became the norm. A report by German Samsung-centric blog All About Samsung points to a December release for the Blush Pink Galaxy Note 3 in that country. The Galaxy Note 3 has been available in two colours so far: black and white. The pink-coloured Galaxy Note 3 was showcased during the launch event of the device but has so far been available in just the United Kingdom and Samsung’s home market of Korea. I have no idea why it is called Bluish Blush Pink since all you can see is pink anyway but hey, there are many out there who appreciate that colour and why not give it to them?

Bluish Pink Galaxy Note 3

The report about the pink Galaxy Note 3 being available in Germany next months comes hot on the heels of the recent launch of a Crystal edition of the Galaxy S III mini in the same market. The Crystal S III mini does not only have colour that matches the name but also has actual crystals (166 Swarovski crystals) at the back of the device. It goes for $299 in Germany.

Crystal edition Galaxy S III mini

The Blush Pink Galaxy Note 3 retains the same specs as the other Note 3 versions and pricing will also be the same.


Sources: SammyHub & AAS


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