How badly do you need an Xbox One? A Photo of the console costs $700!


Microsoft’s new home entertainment device (it’s not just a game console), the Xbox One, is extremely popular. So much that it hit the 1 million figure in its first 24 hours of going on sale. And there’s no stopping, Microsoft’s latest figures point to a surge in the popularity of the Xbox One amongst traditional Xbox fans and even others. 415 million Gamerscore points racked up and 186 million enemies defeated in one of Xbox One’s most standout games, Ryse: Son of Rome indicates that you cannot question how popular the device has become amongst gamers and other gadgetr freaks. Joining them is another group whose history is as old as the internet itself: online scammers. The sort that will sell you an Xbox One photo for $700!

Xbox one console

Peter Clatworthy, a UK resident  was duped into buying an Xbox One photo for about $700 inclusive of shipping charges. Shock on him when all he got was a photo of the device and not anything close to the black box that is the Xbox One. What would you have done if it were you? Of course thanks to him going public with his story, he’s getting a full refund from eBay while the culprit is being pursued.

Such cases are increasingly becoming common and are not only restricted to e-commerce sites but also brick and mortar businesses. Just recently we got news of another man in the UK who got a lump of clay instead of a swanky new iPad when he unboxed his “device”. Be careful next time you are buying a device, any device, either online or at your nearest device store.



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