RM-964 may be a Nokia Lumia 929 for the international market


Early last month when WP Central posted very clear images of Verizon’s upcoming Lumia 929, I asked a rhetorical question. One I never looked forward to having an answer it is usually a given that such carrier-intended devices hardly ever make it to the international market (particularly those that debut on Verizon as has been the case with the trademark Droid lineup that boasts of the battery life king, the Droid MAXX). Well, there is hope after all. Just as there is hope of seeing Nokia release a device running Android, there is hope that the Lumia 929 may have an international version. That variant may be what was leaked as a Nokia device with model number RM-964.

Thanks to Indian logistics site zauba.com, we’ve had quite an insight on possible upcoming Windows Phone devices from the SM-W750V from Samsung to the RM-977 that is rumoured to be the Lumia 520’s successor and this time round, Zauba being the gift that keeps on giving, gave us a look at a future Windows Phone device. Records show that the RM-964 is a device with a 5.2 inch display. Well, we all know that any current Nokia Lumia device that possesses the same display size is the yet to be announced Lumia 929.

rm 964   HS Code 8517   Export Data  Import Data  Price   Zauba

Whatever the RM-964 turns out to be, I really hope we’ll get to see a variant of the Lumia 929 in the international market. The 6 inch display on the Lumia 1520 and the 1320 is a tad too big and the 5.0-5.7 inch range is almost the perfect sweet spot for a phablet.


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