Europe Officially Begins Work on 5G Networks


A draft proposal on 5G networks lays out the vision for the future of cellular networks. According to this proposal 5G nets will supply 1000 times the capacity of 2010 networks at only 10% of total energy per network service.

The proposal also favors software-defined networks for fast provision of services in cellular networks. 24 carriers, research groups and system manufacturers worked on the proposal including France Telecom, Intel, Nokia Solutions and Networks and Alcatel-Lucent.

Picking up from these efforts, the European Commission has formed an official standards group to work on 5G cellular network research. The 5G Public-Private Partnership Association (5GPPP) has been termed as an important milestone towards an industry-wide agreement on use cases, requirements, and technologies for 5G.

It is envisioned that 5G will address market demands beyond 2020 expanding on the benefits of LTE.

via EETimes