Most Downloaded Torrent from 2013 is Certified Legal


BitTorrent’s campaign to help artist reach fans seems to have paid off after Moby’s album, Innocents, got 8.9 million downloads in 2013. And it was completely legal – released as part of the BitTorrent bundles program. Despite its constant association with piracy, the protocol does have legitimate uses. Facebook for instance uses BitTorrent to serve media content.

The BitTorrent Inc. report lists legal torrents, painting a good picture of BitTorrent’s bundles program. The Innocents bundle still has 85,000 people actively sharing Moby’s tracks, at 2nd and 3rd place are Epic Meal Time video bundle (8.6 million downloads) and Kaskade’s tracks (4.1 million downloads) respectively. Their success is connected to the uTorrent and BitTorrent client downloads, each of which includes the bundle programs.

BitTorrent Inc. 2013 report reads – “164,383 BitTorrent Bundles are downloaded around the world, every day. These projects have been downloaded 60 million times, by fans in over 170 countries around the world.”