Meet Agnes, the Knitting Robot. Built to Scare Kids

Artist and Inventor Andy Noyes with the Roboknit

Andy Noyes debuted his robot – Agnes Roboknit – at the 2013 Maker Faire U.K. Named in honor of his grandmother, the robot explores empathic responses between human-robot interactions – the man wanted to scare kids. Agnes is designed to look humanoid from afar with its latex skin casts moulded from plaster casts of a real person’s limbs. The robot is built to show off its gears which are driven by DC motors.

Artist and Inventor Andy Noyes with the Roboknit
Artist and Inventor Andy Noyes with the Roboknit

Originally Agnes would have been fitted with knitting needles but a loom was easier to integrate into the design. “To start with it was A.G.N.E.S., and I wanted it to be an acronym as if from the early days of computers. Though I couldn’t think up a good acronym so it just became Agnes. Also my grandmother, who used to knit — as all grandmothers do, don’t they? — was called Agnes.” – Andy Noyes.

You can watch Agnes in action over here, there is also a facebook page over here.

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