The iHub Brings CryptoParty to Nairobi


iHub Nairobi will be holding a CryptoParty on the 15th of April. The event opens up the details of secure communication and safe data storage to its attendees. CryptoParty arose out of a Twitter conversation in 2012 after the Australian government had passed a 2-year data retention law. It has been labelled the most important civil project in cryptography today. The project picks up from the work of the cypherpunk movement from the 1990’s which advocated for the use of strong cryptography for social and political change.
A succession of CryptoParties have been held throughout the world since 2012, introducing the public to practical uses of cryptography namely anonymity, the uses of virtual private networks and key signing parties. Helpful information on some of this can be found on the CryptoParty Handbook, available here. Sign up for the iHub CryptoParty here.