How Social Networking Sites and Web Browsers would look as Human Characters


Now imagine with me for a second that all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare et al had a face: what would they look like? Would they be a boy or a girl? What would be they preferred style of dressing? What would be their style? Before we figure all that out, lets do a throwback to and see how vintage social networking looked like:

Now back to our social media sites. This is a pictorial representation of social media sites as human characters.

Social Media Brands As Animal Characters

Now to the web browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, Safari if they all had a face what would they look like? As kids this is what would be going on:


Now web browsers as women? Smmmmookkinn’ !

Web browsers as Women

For sure Chrome looks real good. Opera got class. Firefox blazing. Safari soo cool. Explorer…!

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