Nokia Reminds Us Not To Look At Microsoft Mobile As Everybody Else in New Ad

Nokia Ad More Colours

Nokia Ad More ColoursWe all know of the famous acquisition of Espoo by Redmond. As of Friday it has since been closed and Nokia Devices and Services is now called Microsoft Mobile Oy. There has not been word yet on whether the devices drop the name Nokia on them or when if that indeed happens.

Most of the major Nokia entities including the Nokia Espoo Headquarters has already been rebranded to Microsoft. This includes Nokia Employee emails which now have an @microsoft extension and Nokia sites all have a Microsoft copyright and logo with a notification that they are now part of Microsoft.

Nokia is now running a campaign dubbed more colourful and has since uploaded an ad showing that they are still the colourful group and this will go on to be a major identifier in a world of white and black devices. Watch the video yourself below.