Samsung Hits The Road with Level Line of Premium Mobile Audio Products

Samsung Level

Samsung Level

Samsung has today gone to press with the new line of premium sound products which is now called the Level line. Consists of Level Over, Level On, Level in and Level box. I’ll explain in a bit what each represents. These devices were displayed at Mobile World Congress earlier in February but there was no talk of them at launch. They were also demo-ed at local launches like at the Nairobi Launch. Then they were given some numbers that even the ladies doing the showcasing couldn’t quite figure qhich is which. But I got a price of at least two of them which are available in the shops locally.

Level Over

Level Over
This 350g Headphone is the flagship over the ear headphone which has both hybrid noise cancelling on both headphones and inside and touch controls. You can opt to use it via Bluetooth or cabled. It has this nice leather cusion for the head and the parts that go over the ears.

Level has an application on Google Play and Samsung Apps Store( interesting that Samsung did not plug Samsung Apps Store alone, probably to tell you that it will work on other devices too). Level App also has Samsung SoundAlive Equalizer that has 25 sound presets and smart volume monitor to prevent hearing loss and text-to-speech support.

It comes with a premium carry case and microUSB cable, Bluetooth 3.0, 50mm bio-cellulose diaphragm and active noise cancellation. Listening time is 15hrs with active noise cancellation and 30 hours without. It supports S Voice and Bluetooth Pairing.

Level On

LevelOn White
Level on, on the other hand, is the smaller sibling of the Level Over which offers lesser capabilities in the same premium design and soft cushion for the ear and top of the head. Still has a similar sound output like the Level Over with air dampening and 40 mm dual layered diaphragm.

Specifications for this include 40 mm dual layered diaphragm, comfort ear pad and headband, 3.5 mm ear jack, S Voice support, Premium carry case, detachable audio cable with microphone and remote controller. Dimensions are 161.75 x 181.4 x 70.4 and weighs 209 grams.

Level In

LevelIn Black
These are earphones with “three way speaker” with clear sound separation.

Specifications for Level in are three way speaker system, 2 balanced armatures (HD Sound for Treble & Mid-Range), 1 Dynamic speaker for deep bass, 3.5 mm ear jack S Voice support, Premium carry case, 4 silicon ear tips and 3 memory foam tips.

Level Box

LevelBox White
This one is a Bluetooth Speaker with a metal design and front metal grille. It also has an inbuilt speaker for phone calls and conference calls. It also supports NFC for pairing with NFC enabled devices. It can do 15 hours playback on a single charge.

Product Specifications – 56mm stereo speaker with passive radiator, MFC and Bluetooth Pairing button, Metal design, S Voice Support, Speaker Phone, Built-in MIC & Noise reduction/Echo cancellation, Micro USB cable, Travel adaptor and 3.5mm Audio cable. Dimensions are 164.3 x 62.3 x 69.2 mm and it weighs 600g.

Level Over and Level On are going to be available within May this month and at the regional launch in Nairobi I got a price of Kshs 6,000 for the Level On and Kshs 17,000 for Level Over. In my opinion the Level Over is a headphone you want, what with the nice feel it has over the ear combined with super-awesome sound output, active noise cancellation and touch controls. It’s sure a serious rival to Nokia’s Purity Headsets and Beats By Dre.